The tourist village located near the ancient village of Castelnuovo Magra, in the province of La Spezia, also has a large restaurant and a Club House </ strong>. Both structures are real restored fortresses. The restaurant DonWivar </ strong> develops thanks to the restoration of the Rocca Sir Orso, an ancient Renaissance fortress, while the second building, the club house, was formerly an ancient customs entrance to the village that has been exploited for centuries for the most different uses. For both the structures of the Tuscan farmhouse the historical and architectural value is invaluable and of particular interest for the curious and passionate.

DonWivar is the pride of the village Ippotur, 3 rooms and 500 seats in total, ten-year experience of banqueting, constitute the business card. Guests at the resort can take advantage of very favorable conditions, and if you want you can take advantage of the many events that are organized,